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Claire Judd

Postnatal Counselling
in Harrogate & Online

I help mums reconnect with themselves so they can thrive in life and motherhood.

Are you feeling low, anxious or overwhelmed? Do your emotions engulf you without warning? Or perhaps you feel spaced out, like you're on a treadmill of life without really being present. 

I know what it's like. Becoming a mum is a life changing event and can turn everything upside down. If you're ready for things to change, get in touch and we can work through it together.

You deserve more and you are worth more. 

How Postnatal Counselling in Harrogate or Online Can Help

Did you know  research suggests it can take up to 7 years for the emotional, psychological and social effects of having a baby to return to 'normal'? There is no cut off for how long ago you had your baby for working with me, the impact of motherhood is different for everyone. The following areas are just some of the reasons we might work together:

Mother with baby

Anxiety or Low Mood

Image of baby sleeping

Birth Trauma

Image of candlelights

Miscarriage & Loss

Image of woman in flower field

Loss of identity

These are common postnatal struggles and can detract from our enjoyment of life. Perhaps your thoughts race and you can't relax or maybe you feel low and tired all the time and you struggle to find the energy for activities.

Does the birth play on your mind? Maybe you have flash backs to certain points? Are thoughts of it keeping you awake at night or leaving you upset? Trauma isn't defined by the event, it's defined by how it leaves you feeling.

Any loss of a baby, at any point, can leave you reeling and in shock and it can be difficult to talk to those close to you about it. Grief can effect people in different ways, you might feel lost, angry, low or numb. There is no right way to feel. 

Perhaps you feel a loss of confidence? Your social circle has shifted? You're not sure what your purpose is outside of being 'mum'? The shift into motherhood is huge and often it can leave us feeling lost, with no sense of self. 

Whatever your reason for seeking support, I can provide you with a safe space to express your emotions, sit with you in those most difficult times and help you to process your thoughts. Together we can acknowledge and validate how you feeling and work out a way forward. 

Hi, I'm Claire

As a mum and counsellor I’m on a mission to empower women in their postnatal period. So often, everyone wants to hold the baby, but who is holding you? Whether you're on your first or fifth baby you'll have discovered that although the journey into motherhood can feel miraculous it is also hard and comes with a new set of challenges that there is no manual for. Having experienced my own difficulties after the birth of my first child and then struggling with my birth experience of my second which was during the COVID pandemic, I know only too well how difficult this period can be. 

Society often paints a picture of the postnatal period that is calm, beautiful, with everyone wearing clean (and often matching) clothes, a tidy house, peaceful coffee dates while the baby sleeps and for the majority of us that image doesn't match up with reality. 

Claire Judd Counsellor in Harrogate

I hope a look around my website shows you that you're not alone. You're not failing. You're not inadequate in anyway. You're a mum who is trying to figure out the often messy and unpredictable life as a mum and you are doing your best. By working together I aim to help you reconnect with yourself, gain confidence in motherhood, find some headspace for yourself and live the life you deserve. 


Counselling in Harrogate & Online

How you can work with me

Image of two hands reaching for each other

1:1 Counselling

This is ideal if you're looking to make long lasting changes to your life.

You might have lived with anxiety, low mood or overwhelm for a while or simply know that this is not how you want your life to look.

These are 50 minute weekly sessions.

A minimum of 3 months of counselling is recommended to give you the best opportunity to reach your goal.

Personal investment: £65/session

Image of woman writing in notepad

One 90 minute session

This could be for you if you have a specific issue you need support with and don't feel you need the traditional longer term counselling. 

Common reasons to use a one off session include:

Trying to make a difficult decision

Processing a difficult birth story

Working out your parenting method

Personal investment: £95 

Are You Ready to Start Your Journey?

Book a free 15 min chat below


Counselling in Harrogate and Online

I offer a warm and inviting space for you in my own home in Killinghall, Harrogate. 

Online counselling sessions are also offered and you can gain more information about how this works here

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