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Claire Judd

The Postnatal Counsellor

I specialise in helping new mums break free from overwhelm and anxiety that keep them in survival mode.

If you want to feel calmer, more confident and happier in life and motherhood, you're in the right place.

Am I in survival mode?
Is it postnatal depression?
Postnatal anxiety?

Survival mode is a state we enter when our body and mind are trying to protect us from something. That 'something' may still be present or it may have passed but your body hasn't realised. It might not have been something you deem as a big event, it can be a slow build up of things you might not notice at the time. 

Postnatal depression and anxiety can be both symptoms of this or part of the cycle keeping us stuck. 

Do some of these symptoms feel familiar? They're all symptoms of postnatal depression and anxiety and the overarching state of survival.

You feel irritable, at people, things or events.

You feel overwhelmed

You have difficulty making decisions or concentrating

You get lost in searches for solutions online

You feel frustrated or angry a lot of the time

You feel worried, fearful or uneasy

You're exhausted by thoughts or tasks

You over plan for every possible scenario

You find yourself endlessly scrolling social media

You say 'I need a drink/coffee' in response to things

You have aches and pains or muscle tension

You lie awake at night, not able to shut your brain off

What causes a new mum to go into survival mode?

There are so many things that can cause us to go into survival mode and struggle with the symptoms of it. Whether we call it survival mode, postnatal depression or postnatal anxiety the most important thing to know is that it's not your fault. There is nothing that is broken in your brain, there is nothing inherently wrong with you. It's the result of a whole host of circumstances have added up and got you to this point. Your brain is now doing the only things it knows and protecting you.

Here are just some of the things that new mums often speak about in our sessions:

Mother with baby

Stressful birth/birth trauma

Image of candlelights

Previous loss or fertility treatment

Image of baby sleeping

Our own upbringing

Image of woman in flower field

Lack of support

It's different for everyone and this is why therapy with me isn't about overwhelming you with strategies and advice. There is enough noise out there for all of that. Instead it's about exploring and giving voice to your thoughts and feelings so you feel seen and heard. We might investigate different parts of you that are conflicting and help you understand why you feel this way or we might work out what it is you need to change, what you want life to look like and work out how to get there.  


Hello, I'm Claire

I've been in survival mode too! 

I know it's possible to break free from survival mode and feel calmer and happier in yourself and in motherhood, because I've been there and I've done it and now I get to see other mums do it too.

I struggled with postnatal depression and anxiety after having my first child, though I didn't realise it for a long time. The message I'd received in the early days was that this was normal and so I trudged on, thinking I just had to get on with it, be 'strong' and learn to cope better. By the time I sought support my daughter was 18 months old,  I was exhausted, on edge and the rage I experienced felt like it came from nowhere. 

I wasn't the person I knew I was or could be, it was like I'd lost myself, but at the time that wasn't what pushed me to seek therapy. It was the realisation I wasn't the mother I wanted my child to have that made me finally reach out to a therapist.


Therapy in Harrogate & Online

How we can work together

1:1 Counselling

This is ideal if you're looking to make long lasting changes to your life.

You might have lived with anxiety, low mood or overwhelm for a while or simply know that this is not how you want your life to look.

These are 50 minute weekly sessions.

Number of sessions required varies, depending on your goal. 6 will allow you to see some changes, though longer term, 12 - 20, allows for more sustainable change and growth.

Personal investment: £65/session

Counselling room with dusky pink walls, a blue sofa facing a cosy arm chair and coffee table between them

Postnatal Enrichment Session

Perfect if you're 6 weeks + post birth.

A great opportunity to talk through your experiences, thoughts and feelings with a specialist in postnatal well-being so you leave feeling validated, empowered and  equipped with insights and strategies so you can feel more like yourself, and enjoy a balanced start to motherhood.

This includes a pre-session questionnaire, a 60 or 90 minute 1:1 session and a check-in two weeks later.

Personal investment:

£75 (60 min)

£112 (90 min)

Happy Mother with her Child

One 90 minute session

This could be for you if you have a specific issue you need support with and don't feel you need the traditional longer term counselling. 

This is commonly used for those times you have a difficult decision to make, such as:

Deciding whether you would like another child

Whether to return to work after maternity leave

Relationship decisions 

Personal investment: £112

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Are you ready to break free from survival mode?

You can get started by booking any of the following online (see below).
- A free 15 minute call.
- Your first counselling session if you'd rather not have the free call.
- A Postnatal Enrichment Session.


Counselling in Harrogate and Online

I offer a warm and inviting space for you in my own home in Killinghall, Harrogate or online in the comfort of your own home. 

For online postnatal counselling, all you need is yourself, a device you can access video link on (I use Google Meet) and a confidential space that you feel you can be yourself in and say whatever you wish. 

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