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1:1 Counselling in Harrogate & Online

Does this sound like you?

> You’re not enjoying motherhood like you thought you might and that brings feelings of guilt or shame.


>You’ve felt low for a while, and you're tired of it.


>You may struggle with your patience, towards your children, partner or others. 

>You feel like you're on a treadmill, just getting through life, not enjoying it.


>You spend time scrolling on social media, either comparing yourself to others or as a distraction.


> You spend so much time looking after everyone else, you don't have time for yourself.


>​ You feel undervalued and overlooked either by those close to you or society generally.


>You aim to just 'get through' each day.


>You have a critical voice that tells you you're not doing it right.


>You just want to feel like ‘you’ again.

If you answered YES to any of these statements, you're not alone and it can change. You also don't need to be in the first year post birth in order access support, 'postnatal' is so much longer than that. 

Woman with Hat

Imagine how it would feel to shift things and create change.

What you want to gain from your sessions will be unique to you and we'll discuss your goal together. Here are just some of the things that have changed for past clients:

Being able to take time for yourself without feeling guilty

Not feeling overwhelmed when last minutes changes to plans occur.

Being able to sleep when your little ones are asleep.

Reconnect with yourself and reclaim your sense of identity. 

Process any trauma from your journey to motherhood.

Feel calmer and able to manage anxiety and stress as it arises.

Being able to communicate your needs to your partner and have a healthier relationship.

Ability to maintain your mood whilst reducing or coming off medication.

Feel more in control of yourself and your life and more confident and happier as a result.

What my clients say...

"It's blown my mind how being listened to, like really listened to, has helped me with how I was feeling about the birth. I was so angry and I just didn't understand why. You helped me see why I was stuck where I was and I'm so grateful. I'm now starting to move forward and be kinder to myself too!"
"Thank you so much for everything. I feel like a different person now from the one who sat in a daze crying on your sofa in our first session. I'm getting out the house now, not without some anxiety but it's not having the same effect and I can see it for what it is and its lessening"
"I thought I was such an awful mum, it took me so long to come to see you because I was just so ashamed. but I view myself so differently now. And boundaries! I'd never even thought about boundaries before our sessions but it's been a game changer putting these in place. Thank you!"

How does postnatal counselling help?

Using a combination of psychotherapies (Internal Family Systems, Psychodynamic therapy, CBT and Compassion Focused Therapy) and current research on the neuroscience of motherhood, we'll explore the hidden parts of your identity that are struggling with this significant life change. Together we'll gently explore your difficult emotions, liberate you from the beliefs that are holding you down and reframe negative thoughts, so that you are free to live your life with balance and fulfilment. 

After postnatal counselling you will have:

✔ Gained an understanding of how you’re feeling and why you have these feelings.

✔ Organised your thoughts and addressed them one at a time, freeing you from constant negative cycles

✔ A new awareness of your triggers and an understanding of how to work with and minimise the effect they have.

✔ Developed stronger self esteem & confidence both in motherhood and as an individual.

✔ Developed compassion for yourself, and increased your ability to be kind to yourself even when life throws you challenges.

✔ Learnt new skills and tools to help you challenge unhelpful thinking patterns that previously had you sinking into a low mood.

✔ Made sustainable life changes to enhance your wellbeing and maintain balance.

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