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Free Resources

If you're not quite ready to start therapy or for a wide range of circumstances, you're not able to, take a look at these FREE resources. I've created these so you can still get support as we all know there isn't enough support out there for mums.

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Self Care for New Mums (2).jpg
Break free survival front cover.png

Break Free from Survival Mode in just 7 Steps

This is for you if:

You're overwhelmed, anxious and feel like there is no time to care for yourself and want to feel like you're living life rather than on a treadmill.

Free birth trauma workbook.jpg

Blossoming Beyond the Birth

This is for you if:

Your birth experience has stayed with you and you feel angry, sad or confused. Maybe you know why your birth was traumatic or you don't think it was traumatic but for some reason you can't shake it. 

National Organisations offering phone line support and a wealth of information for postnatal mums and families

PANDAS logo PND Awareness and support


PANDAS offers peer to peer support for parents affected by perinatal mental illness.

Logo of Association for Postnatal Mental Illness

Association for Postnatal Mental Illness

Provide support to anyone suffering from or affected by post-natal Illness including partners, family/friends

Tommy's logo for support during and after pregnancy including baby loss


Support for parents pre, during and post pregnancy, including baby loss.

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