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Fees & FAQs

Whether or not this is your first time looking for a counsellor, you may have some questions. I've tried to cover answers to the most common questions below and if there is anything left unanswered please don't hesitate to get in touch.




Initial 15 minute exploratory call: Free

50 minute ongoing 1:1 session: £65

90 minute one off session: £112

Postnatal Enrichment Session £75/60 minute session, £112/90 minute session

The fee for the first session is to be paid at the time of booking .  Thereafter it is required at least 48 hours prior to each session to confirm your space. You can pay by cash in person or by bank transfer and I'll give you the relevant details via email, following our 15 minute free call. 

Do I have to have the free 20 minute call?

Weekly therapy: No, it's not a necessity though I often recommend it if you're seeking ongoing weekly therapy as it helps you to get a feel for me and work out whether I'm the right therapist for you. It also means I can be sure I'm the best person for you if I have a bit of information about what you're experiencing, though usually if you've found me through my website or Instagram it's likely we're a good fit! I rarely put all my availability for weekly therapy on my booking platform though so if you would like to book without a free call first don't hesitate to send an email to to check my most up to date availability. 


Postnatal Enrichment Session: No, it's not needed. When you book I send you an optional pre-session questionnaire but it's not a requirement. You can book straight on to a Postnatal Enrichment Session here

How many counselling sessions do I need?

Everyone is different though on average I recommend a minimum of 12 sessions to really see lasting change. Ultimately it is up to you. Some people like to go session to session and see how it goes, others like to work towards a set number of sessions. I never assume you wish to continue and we have regular reviews along the way.  The ultimate aim is for you to be self sufficient when dealing with your thoughts and emotions so if I feel you have reached that point and you haven't said anything, I will always suggest we should discuss it. If you're booking a single 90 minute session then this will be a one off session unless you feel you'd like to explore something in more depth with 1:1 weekly counselling.

Do I need to talk to my GP first or have a diagnosis?

No. If you feel like something isn't right, that you're not yourself and the descriptions on the work with me page resonate with you in some way, then counselling can make all the difference to your life. If you have a diagnosis of postnatal depression or anxiety, that is fine too. Though you can talk to your GP it isn't necessary before working with me.  Get in touch for a free 15 minute exploratory call to find out more.

How frequent are sessions?

Typically sessions take place weekly. This allows us to develop our relationship which is essential for working together. Occasionally people ask to drop to fortnightly as we come to the end of our time working together.  Some people end therapy and then drop in for the occasional session as a 'check in'.

Face to face in Harrogate or online?

I offer both face to face and online counselling. Face to face is in my home in Killinghall, Harrogate. For online sessions you will need a private space where you can talk openly and won't be interrupted.

Parking, access and facilities?

Free parking is always available on the driveway in front of my home. The driveway is gravelled and there are three steps leading to my front door. You have access to a toilet which is on the ground floor. 

I have a young child/baby, can I bring them?

These sessions are for you and I want you to be able to make the most of them. In an ideal world you would come by yourself. This means your attention is fully on yourself and our session, as I know only too well how our mind is programmed to attempt multi tasking when in the presence of our children. Having said that, we don't always live in the ideal world so if you have a young baby who is not yet mobile, they are welcome. Unfortunately moving infants take a good deal more attention and you may be much more considered in your language and your emotions around them. In this case, it's unlikely that you would be able to focus fully on yourself, therefore I ask that you make arrangements for them during our time together. 

What happens if I cancel my appointment?

All missed/forgotten sessions will be charged at the full session fee.

If a cancelled session can't be rescheduled during the same week then they are charged at the full session fee if cancellation is within 48 hours of our appointment. In instances where you need to contact me between sessions to cancel or rearrange appointments, you can email me at or message me on 07595775237.  Any message will be responded to as soon as possible within my normal working hours. 

Holidays or other required absences can be planned as we go and I will give you notice of any of my own holidays also. Sessions missed due to my absence will not be chargeable.

What is the BACP?

The BACP stands for The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. It is one of the largest membership organisations for counsellors in the UK. They provide an Ethical Framework for counsellors to adhere to in practice and are there to ensure that I work ethically and professionally. Their website has some useful information and can be found here: You can also check that I'm registered with them here:, simply type my name in the search field. 

Are you qualified?


Frustratingly, 'counsellor' and 'psychotherapist' are still unprotected titles in the UK so legally anyone can call themselves a counsellor. However, to be eligible for insurance and membership with one of the professional bodies, such as the BACP that holds a register accredited by the Professional Standards Agency, a counsellor or psychotherapist have to be at least educated with a nationally recognised diploma and have an accredited supervisor to ensure they work ethically. I am a member of the BACP. You can check I'm registered here: by using my name. 

I hold a BSc in Psychology, and a Post Graduate Diploma (L7) in Counselling and Psychotherapy and continually keep updated with new research and training that I target specifically to postnatal mental health.

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