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Postnatal Counselling in Harrogate & Online

How we can work together

1:1 Counselling

This is ideal if you're looking to make long lasting changes to your life.

You might have lived with anxiety, low mood or overwhelm for a while or simply know that this is not how you want your life to look.

These are 50 minute weekly sessions.

Number of sessions required varies, depending on your goal. 6 sessions will allow you to see some changes, though longer term, around 20, allows for more sustainable change and growth.

Personal investment: £65/session

Image of counselling room, walls are dusky pink. There's a blue sofa facing a cosy armchair and a coffee table between them

Postnatal Enrichment Session

Perfect if you're 6 weeks + post birth.

A great opportunity for birth reflections and processing thoughts and feelings with a specialist in postnatal well-being so you leave feeling validated, empowered and  equipped with insights and strategies so you can feel more like yourself, and enjoy a balanced start to motherhood.

This includes a pre-session questionnaire, a choice of a 60 or 90 minute 1:1 session and a follow up email.

Personal investment:

£75 (60 minutes)

£112 ) 90 minutes

Happy Mother with her Child

One 90 minute session

This could be for you if you have a specific issue you need support with and don't feel you need the traditional longer term counselling. 

This is commonly used for those times you have a difficult decision to make, such as:

Deciding whether you would like another child

Pregnant and not sure what to do

Whether to return to work after maternity leave

Relationship decisions 

Personal investment: £112

Woman with her arms outstretched and upwards

Not sure what you need?

No problem, get in touch either by emailing or book a free 20 minute consultation via the contact page. I'm here to help and always happy to answer any questions.

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