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Postnatal Wellbeing Review

Empowering mums for a balanced beginning

A comprehensive 90 minute session, tailored to you and your mental health. Becoming a mum is a huge transition and your wellbeing is a priority for a balanced start to motherhood. The Postnatal Wellbeing Review provides a supportive space with a specialist in postnatal mental health, and a fellow mum. 

Postnatal Wellbeing Review 

This is for you if...

> You are 6 weeks + postpartum (there is no time limit on gaining this support)

> You have new thoughts/feelings you wish to explore 

> You recognise the importance of your own wellbeing in motherhood

> You want to feel empowered in this new stage of your life

> You want to reconnect with who you are

> You want to develop a secure bond with your baby

> You would like the peace of mind that comes from speaking to a professional

What the Postnatal Wellbeing Review includes:

A pre- session questionnaire

This gives you an opportunity to give some information about your journey into motherhood. It is comprehensive, including questions about your route to becoming pregnant, how your pregnancy was, your birth experience and your thoughts and feelings since birth.

Completing this allows our 90 minute session to be as useful for you as possible, however, if some areas are difficult to write down/put into words, it is not a pre-requisite to accessing the Postnatal Wellbeing Review.

A 90 minute session with a specialist in postnatal counselling

Face to face in the comfort of my home, or online in the comfort of yours. This sessions is tailored to you, based on both your questionnaire responses and what you wish to talk about. You might have something in mind that you want to discuss or you might prefer to be guided through the session.


You will leave with the following:

> Awareness of the spectrum of mental wellbeing specific to the postnatal period.

> An understanding of the impact of matrescence (becoming a mother) on you personally.

> Practical strategies to implement to support you as an individual and you in motherhood.

> Awareness of 'next step' options where discussed if needed.

> A solid base from which you can flourish as yourself and as a mum. 


Follow up check in via email

Two weeks after our appointment you will receive a check-in email to see how you are.


We will discuss the purpose of this email in our session. Typically, it includes:

> A reminder to reflect on your own wellbeing

> Prompts and questions to help you reflect

> Encouragement to act on any changes you wish to make that were discussed in the session.

> An opportunity to ask any questions you may have since your appointment. 

Ready for your Postnatal Wellbeing Review?

Simply click the online booking link below

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