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Postnatal Enrichment Session

Are you struggling with memories of your birth experience? Maybe you have thoughts or feelings that are concerning you? Or perhaps you're worried about bonding with your baby and would like support?

If you said yes to one of these then a Postnatal Enrichment Session is ideal, particularly if you don't feel the need for weekly therapy. 

A one off 60 or 90 minute session where you get to air your concerns with someone who is both a mum who gets it and a specialist in postnatal therapy. We lift the weight off your shoulders, give you space to breathe and reflect and you leave feeling reassured and more confident.

Postnatal Enrichment Session

This is for you if...

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> Have had a baby (there is no time limit on gaining this support, whether you are weeks, months or years past the birth date).

> You have thoughts/feelings that are concerning you.

> You want to offload or understand how pregnancy or your birth experience is impacting you.

> You want to know what is 'normal' and what isn't.

> You want to feel more confident in this stage of life.

> You want to develop a secure bond with your baby.

> You would like the peace of mind that comes from speaking to a professional and one who really listens. 

What the Postnatal Enrichment Session includes:

An optional pre-session questionnaire

This gives you an opportunity to give some information about your journey into motherhood. It is comprehensive, including questions about your route to becoming pregnant, how your pregnancy was, your birth experience and your thoughts and feelings since birth.

Some people find this really beneficial, either to know that I already have an idea of their experience before the session or to help work out what they'd like to focus on in the session. 

However, it is not a pre-requisite to accessing the Postnatal Enrichment Session, some people prefer just to come to the session and start there. 

An image of the counselling room with a blue sofa, dusky pink wall, and an armchair

A 60 or 90 minute session with a specialist in postnatal counselling (and, just as important, with someone who gets it!)

Face to face in the comfort of my home, or online in the comfort of yours. This sessions is tailored to you, based on both your questionnaire responses or what you bring in the session. 


You will leave with the following:

> Peace of mind.

> Feeling lighter and more confident.

> An awareness of why you feel the way you do.

> An understanding of the impact of your journey & experiences.

> Practical strategies to implement that support you.

> 'Next step' options where discussed and if needed.

> A solid base from which you can flourish as yourself and as a mum. 

Following your session you will receive an email with details of any practical guidance or next steps that have been discussed. 

Follow up check in

Two weeks after our appointment you will receive a check-in email to see how you are.


We will discuss the purpose of this email in our session. Typically, it includes:

> A reminder to reflect on your own wellbeing

> Prompts and questions to help you reflect

> Encouragement to act on any changes you wish to make that were discussed in the session.

> An opportunity to ask any questions that may have arisen since your appointment. 

Your personal investment:

£75 for a 60 minute session

£112 for a 90 minute session

Ready for your Postnatal Enrichment Session?

Simply click the online booking link below

Enrichment session
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