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Blossoming Beyond The Birth

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You've had your baby and memories of the birth have stayed with you. They play on your mind, maybe you wake up in the night and your brain goes over it constantly, maybe you're angry about it, maybe you feel like you failed, that you should have been able to do something different. Giving birth is our most vulnerable time and this guide will help you understand what happened in your body and mind and help ease those persistent thoughts about it. 

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Blossoming Beyond the Birth will help you...


Hi, I'm Claire

I'm an integrative psychotherapist specialising in helping mums break free from survival mode.


This survival mode is often entered during a stressful or traumatic birth experience. I know this from personal experience as well as through my training. The good thing is, I also know it's possible to break free from it. 

I offer in person and online therapy as well as  birth reflections for mums who want to feel heard, reduce anxiety and feels less overwhelmed.

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